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Society asks Warriors to protect our peace, and from ancient times Warriors have accepted that call to arms. Courage, Dedication, and Sacrifice carry them into harm’s way—a journey that changes their lives, forever.

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Imagine being perfectly healthy and happy?

BodyWHealth is a state of profound physical and emotional fulfillment. It is a state of deep contentment. It is more valuable than health or wealth.

We are here to help YOU achieve peak performance by understanding and applying the science of WHealth. On these pages you will find programs, insight and inspiration that guide your journey to abundance. We help you to unlock health, happiness and prosperity, your natural birthrights.

We know when we have it, and we know when we don’t.

From Dr. Roddy Carter

The Seven Foundations of WHealth

Foundations for WHealth #1

Movement Fights Fire

The first blog I wrote for BodyWHealth is probably still the most important one I will ever write. It outlines the importance for exercise, specifically moderate intensity aerobic exercise as the primary foundation for your WHealth.

Foundations for WHealth #2

Balance Energy for Life

Why BodyWHealth? It’s simple. To prosper, you need to unlock the powerful linkages between mind, body and emotion. When you do this, you open yourself to a life of abundance. There is no bigger prize.

Foundations for WHealth #3

Sleep to Rejuvenate

Our days are no longer governed by the ancient diurnal rhythm of sunrise and sunset. Our biology has not yet had time to adapt, with significant negative consequences. For WHealth, we must understand and honor the primal value in sleep.

Foundations for WHealth #4

No Excuses

“No Excuses” is a powerful Golden Mindset that reinforces your early efforts for long enough for your powerful biology to take over. In time, you will crave the WHealth you have tasted, and once you have tasted it, you’ll never want to lose it!

Foundations for WHealth #5


If we fully appreciate the evolutionary power of the cognitive brain, and we closely observe highly successful people, we should be filled with optimism. Each of us has the power to drive belief and achieve WHealth.

Foundations for WHealth #6

Engage To Thrive

The limbic system equips us with instincts to nurture our offspring, collaborate with others, and to protect and advance our kinship groups. To ensure that we do this, Nature designed a simple reward system, called happiness. When we engage socially, we trigger irresistible neurochemical rewards.