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Imagine being perfectly healthy and happy?

BodyWHealth is a state of profound physical and emotional fulfillment. It is more valuable than health or wealth. We know when we have it, and we know when we don’t.

We are here to help YOU achieve peak performance by understanding and applying the science of WHealth.

Empowering the Warrior’s Journey
WHealthy Warriors Project

Society asks Warriors to protect our peace. Courage, dedication, and sacrifice carry them into harm’s way—a journey that changes their lives, forever.

Transform Your Team’s Performance
Tribal WHealth

A powerful immersion experience for leaders and their teams to enhance engagement and productivity, build community and reduce stress at work.

Our World-Class Training System
Performance Unlimited

This one-day training integrates cutting edge sports science, with boardroom realities. Novel insights prepare ambitious executives to get ahead and stay ahead.

Latest Articles from Dr. Roddy

Boost Confidence in 3 Simple Steps
Boost Confidence in 3 Simple Steps 1024 540 BodyWHealth

Self-Confidence is a fundamental component of success and happiness. Here are three simple steps to boosting your confidence.

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In Search of SELF
In Search of SELF 1024 681 BodyWHealth

One tiny, three-word question often evokes a flood of confusion and pain, and has the potential to unlock a life of well-earned peace and joy.

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“The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer.
“The Untethered Soul” by Michael Singer. 1024 510 BodyWHealth

Who wouldn’t be captivated by the promise of an “untethered soul”? I’ve spent my life looking for that freedom, and now help clients every day do the same in their lives.

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Are You Standing in Your Own Way?
Are You Standing in Your Own Way? 1024 450 BodyWHealth

Our human brain is the pinnacle of evolution. It is our greatest gift. Yet, today it exerts dramatic control of our individual and collective destinies.

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Getting Out of My Own Way, in Montreal
Getting Out of My Own Way, in Montreal 1024 587 BodyWHealth

Are you sad or lonely? And you don’t even understand why? If you are, there may be a simple answer … and it’s closer than you think.

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“Sapiens”, by Yuval Noah Harari
“Sapiens”, by Yuval Noah Harari 1024 682 BodyWHealth

Occasionally, one voice will break through the cacophony of background noise that is our everyday reality. If there is one story that you should read and heed, this would be the one!

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