The Essence of BodyWHealth: Advice for the Journey

BodyWHealth is a state of profound physical and emotional fulfillment. It is a state of deep contentment. It is more valuable than health or wealth. BodyWHealth is an investment strategy based on solid scientific principals that optimize your biology and reward you with abundant riches, including health, happiness, and a profound sense of gratitude. We know when we have it, and we know when we don’t. Continue reading “The Essence of BodyWHealth: Advice for the Journey”

My Favorite Books on Health and Happiness

Dear committed WHealth Seeker,

Welcome to the first in our monthly series of book reviews. Each month, I will review one (or more) books that are directly relevant to your health, happiness or prosperity. This month, you get a bumper version – I highlight my favorites – a small selection of the many books that underscore the BodyWHealth value proposition and capture the science of WHealth. Continue reading “My Favorite Books on Health and Happiness”