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Imagine being perfectly healthy and happy?

BodyWHealth is a state of profound physical and emotional fulfillment. It is more valuable than health or wealth. We know when we have it, and we know when we don’t.

We are here to help YOU achieve peak performance by understanding and applying the science of WHealth.

Empowering the Warrior’s Journey
WHealthy Warriors Project

Society asks Warriors to protect our peace. Courage, dedication, and sacrifice carry them into harm’s way—a journey that changes their lives, forever.

Transform Your Team’s Performance
Tribal WHealth

A powerful immersion experience for leaders and their teams to enhance engagement and productivity, build community and reduce stress at work.

Our World-Class Training System
Performance Unlimited

This one-day training integrates cutting edge sports science, with boardroom realities. Novel insights prepare ambitious executives to get ahead and stay ahead.

Latest Articles from Dr. Roddy

Free Yourself from This Destructive Mindset
Free Yourself from This Destructive Mindset 1024 568 BodyWHealth

Most of us limit our own success. We become trapped by primitive mindsets that enabled our ancestors to fight the dinosaurs but have no place in a world of abundance.

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Unstoppable YOU
Unstoppable YOU 1024 683 BodyWHealth

Brigitte was a gold-medalist in three consecutive Olympic Games, and she had just demonstrated why.

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Her Reflected Glory
Her Reflected Glory 1024 551 BodyWHealth

Sunset provokes deep reflection. This particular sunset lesson inspires insights and suggests ways to authentically magnify your own brilliance.

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A Fruitful Garden
A Fruitful Garden 1024 470 BodyWHealth

A powerful vision has inspired my onward journey, pointing the way through grief towards a life of hope and abundance.

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In Loving Memory
In Loving Memory 1024 538 BodyWHealth

It’s the last day of the year, and we’re at that magical annual inflection point. It’s time to pause, in fruitful reflection before brave renewal.

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Boost Confidence in 3 Simple Steps
Boost Confidence in 3 Simple Steps 1024 540 BodyWHealth

Self-Confidence is a fundamental component of success and happiness. Here are three simple steps to boosting your confidence.

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