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7 Day Jump Start + Bonus 7 Week ReBoot

This is the program that changed my life. I unlocked health and happiness that I thought were gone forever. I thought that I was doomed to an inevitable, painful slide downwards towards old age. But today I look, feel, and live 10 years younger. I know it works.


7 Day Jump Start

What’s Included?

7-Day Step-by-Step Guide complete with detailed instructions for each of your first 7 days so that you know exactly what to do. No guessing, no worry, no debate … just straight-forward directions.
Each day, you will get an email that reminds you of your commitment for the day, and motivates you to do what it takes to liberate your inner hero.
For each step I outline not only know what you’re doing, but why you’re doing it.
Access to a 45-minute video, that you can watch in your own time, in which I explain the underlying reasons for our biologic crisis.
An outline of the 7 keys that you will use to unlock your own WHealth.
And I’ll be right there with you, keeping you accountable.

+ Bonus 7 Week ReBoot (A $445 Value)

Keep moving forward with beyond the basics to the complete lifestyle change. For 6 weeks following the JumpStart you will continue to receive specialized daily coaching for activity, nutrition, mindfulness, and rest. This program will help you see the transformation through and set you on the foundation for lasting WHealth.


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